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TarTan Gordon Setter Club


the beginning...

Since 1960 English, Irish and Gordon Setters have joined together to hold specialties the weekend before Westminster. Originally known as the Combined Setter Specialties of America.  The shows joined forces with the Garden Specialties and most recently the Meadowlands Specialty Association where they were joined by a number of other breeds including Dachshund, Salukis, German Shorthaired Pointers and Viszlas.

In May of 2013 we learned that we would not have a site for the 2014 show due to venues being displaced by the Super Bowl.  We all immediately began the search for a new and hopefully permanent site.  After months of searching we discovered the Westchester Hilton.  With its two large ballrooms and the dog friendly atmosphere we knew we had a winner.   Calls went out to all the displaced clubs and twelve clubs came forward to form the Winter Garden Specialties, LLC.  Since its establishment, two clubs, the TarTan Gordon Setter Club and Long Island Doberman Pinscher Club, have joined the original twelve clubs. 

February 7 - 9, 2020