First day for reservations to be received is  Tuesday, December 3rd

Winter Garden Specialties will have reserved preferred grooming space available to buy.  There are also free unreserved grooming spaces adjacent to the ballrooms and in the tree rooms; some free spaces will have access to paid electric.  Anyone with unentered dogs (other breeds) MUST reserve a grooming space.   No reserved grooming downstairs.

Each space is 10-foot-deep and 6.5 feet wide.    There are only 27 spaces available inside and 10 spaces immediately outside the ballroom. 
Spots inside the ballroom can only be reserved by those having a room within the Winter Garden Specialties block of rooms at the Hilton.   Again this year, rooms are available with and without breakfast. We are very grateful to those who did book in the past and will book within the block and support us 2020.
When those spots are filled or if you are not staying at the Hilton, we have another room directly across the hallway from the ballroom (Town of Rye room) with 17 spots which will be sold as preferred grooming spots.   When those spots are full there are 6 spots available down the hallway in one of the “tree” rooms.

If you have a preferred area, please indicate it on your form along with your hotel reservation confirmation number if your preferred space is in or outside the Ballroom.

Reservations will be taken in order received, with preference given to those reserving all three days, then 2 days, then 1 day.   Only mailed reservations with payment will be accepted; Fed Ex, UPS are ok but be sure to sign no signature required release.  No hand deliveries.

Spaces are $20 per day.    Please reserve electric in advance by using this form.   Every preferred spot will have access to electricity as needed and paid for, but those reserved in advance will set up first!

Email confirmation will be sent to those who get reservations, as well as those whose reservation did not arrive in time to secure one of the spots.  There WILL be access to spots on Thursday for those who reserve for the weekend.  

Please indicate the location you prefer (reservations will be assigned in the order they are received)



Send reservations with payment to:

Maureen Day, 130 Acorn Hollow Pl, Durham NC 27703-6483

Remember, if using Fed Ex / UPS sign the "deliver without signature" line!  

Questions?  Contact:

Anne Marie Kubacz at or 908 216 2357


Electrical outlets will be available for exhibitors to prepare their dogs. 

Please reserve electric in advance by using this form.

The cost is $90.00 for the entire WGS event or $50.00 for a single day.

Prepaid electric using the form above will be given priority when electricians are putting out each plug.

Electric can be purchased ON SITE the day of the show.


There are also free unreserved grooming spaces adjacent to the ballrooms and in the tree rooms; some free spaces will have access to paid electric.


Handlers carrying unentered dogs, including those breeds not showing at WGS,  Must reserve  grooming space

February 7 - 9, 2020