Transportation from New York City to Winter Garden Specialties Hilton Westchester, Rye Brook, NY


If you are interested in traveling from New York City to the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook, NY all you have to do is take a MTA Metro North train located at Grand Central Station,  89 East 42nd Street, NY, NY.

Take the train from Grand Central Station to Rye, New York.    The ride to Rye from Grand Central is 45 minutes and the ride back from Rye to Grand Central is 52 minutes.  Off Peak rates are in effect Friday leaving Grand Central to Rye from 9:04am   to  3:47pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.

There are several different rates depending on the day, time,  and how the tickets are purchased, ie round trip regular fare or senior fare via the web or purchased at the station.  If needed, you can check with the information desk in Grand Central Station for further direction.

The Hilton Westchester has a local shuttle that will pick up visitors from the Rye and Porchester train stations regularly throughout the day.  Be advised that the last pickup at the train station is 9:30pm after which you would have to take a taxi. 

The hotel also offers shuttle pickup at the Westchester Airport.  Call the hotel  (914) 939-6300 for information on scheduling an airport pickup.   


After 9:30pm, if you need to take a taxi, the taxi ride from the Rye Station to the Hilton Westchester is ten minutes.

Call Luso Taxi  (914) 939-3838  


February 7 - 9, 2020